We select talent

ALDIARA helps the Customer decide on which type of service is more appropriate for the position search as well as, where appropriate, whether they need to change the service once the process has begun.

Our Services are described below:

Executive Search: Consists in identifying and locating professionals who currently hold a similar position in other companies through market research and Target company location.

The objective is to contact and attract the best professionals which cannot be guaranteed with other attraction methods and confirm their competencies for the position defined.

Selection: Using the best tools for assessing and identifying potential, we integrate the most adequate processes for achieving a high degree of Profile-Position matches: Position/environment analysis, high-value market studies, recruitment source activation, candidate assessment, interview based on competencies, report, candidate presentation and integration coaching, among others.

This “multichannel” process allows us to provide a fast and efficient answer to the demand for talent.

Search Fragmentor: All our methodologies are made up of several phases, among which our customers can choose those that best adapt to their requirements:
  • Setting in motion the recruitment sources

  • Curricular selection

  • Application of assessment tests / reports

  • Candidature assessment

  • Candidate-position-company integration coaching

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